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Best Manicure tips Step By Step At Home

Everyone wants to look beautiful not with the face but with whole body which inclues hands and legs. Today, we will discus about manicure that we can do by ourself at hom only. only we need some contents. we do not need to go beauty parlour for pedicure and manicure. With the help of this, it will remove our dead skin and also it helps in blood circulation too as it proved. There are the similar way to do manicure and pedicure too. Lets discuss more about manicure :

Contents we need for Manicure:

Nail cutter, cotton wool, plastic tub, any mild shampoo,Salt-1 spoon, Lemon- Qty.1, Rose petals, Dettol-3-4 drops, Nail polish remover, cuticle cream, Cuticle nipper, Cuticle cream, base coat,Nail brush.

manicure at home

manicure at home

Step by step Manicure at home:

  1. Wash your hands with the help of water and shampoo nicely, so that it will clean your dirt. After that, remove your nail polish by using cotton and nail remover.
  2. Now heat some water in plastic tub and add some few drops of any mild shampoo. Add 1 table spoon salt and 1 lemon in the hot water. Put your hands in the same tub at least 20-25 min. After 25 min, scrub your hand and try to clean your nails as well with the help of nail brush.
  3. Once you are done with the cleaning part, cut your nails with the help of nail cutter and clean your nails by using nail brush. Repeat the procedure till the nail becomes smooth, soft and clean.
  4. Shape your nails as whatever you want.
  5. Now apply cuticle cream on the tips of your finger and massage it slowly till it becomes soft. You can use olive oil also instead of Cuticle cream. while cutting nail, try to remove dead skin of nails too.
  6. You can wash your hands now and use some soft towels to clean it. make sure that you are cleaning your nails properly.
  7. Now, with the help of Moisturizer cream or lotion, massage your hands nicely at least 10-15 min and after that, clean you hands using cotton. and again you can apply cuticle cream to clean the nails area.
  8. Now its our favorite time i.e. to apply nail polish to our beautiful hands. Before applying nail polish, first put its base coat and leave it for dry. Now you can apply nail polish with the two layers of its coat to make it more dark. Because of it, It will more last long. Now, with the help of cotton wool stick, you can remove extra nail polish from your fingers if it is there. Now you are perfect with your favourite nail polish color.

In this way, following above steps you can do manicure at home only without investing so much amount in beauty parlor every month.